A voyage of Glory

Hello dear guests, friends, and relatives!

What a wonderful life we all have if we can come to count our blessings! How great is it to live a care-free life with no earthy desires which make you fearful. We all want to be free, but only a few know what freedom is because they have experienced and tasted its fruits. How can someone know He is in bondage without having knowledge about freedom? The only thing that can give a person the will to break free is an overload of everlasting hope, and this hope is given to every person who hears the story of Christ Jesus.

We all know how our heavenly Lord and King overcame His life in the flesh and how He had risen from the dead. We know how many miracles He did, and how many people were freed by the commands from His lips. But just a few of us know that we too, can walk in the same heavenly power our Lord walked in. When we where born-again into Him, we became one with Him in Spirit. And the same power that raised Him from the dead, now works in and through us! [1 Cor 6:17] [Rom 8:11]

We can now heal the sick, cast out demons, proclaim the good news to the lost with power from heaven! The only real requirement for us is to keep resting in the name of Jesus. It is our own responsibility to live our lives according to the standard that Jesus gave us, we need to keep our mind always focused on the character of Him who called us.

It is time for the people of God to raise up and witness to everyone in the world about the great freedom and understanding of life that comes by believing in the life and sacrifice of Christ Jesus. This is the reason for me to hitchhike around the world, to encourage young believers to tell people about the amazing grace of God.  And to share the revelations of God, for the growth and glory of the church.


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