It’s all about life

Every human being wants to be happy, and every one of us has his own conviction on how to achieve happiness. It is very common for men to argue about all kinds of things, concerning loose opinions on how ‘life should be’. Our biggest motive as humankind is happiness for everyone but because of our desire to satisfy our own pleasure prior to the pleasure of others, we all delay in progress of this motive.

The only one who has enough wisdom (i.e. knowledge of right-living) concerning the best way to live as humankind, is our creator. Only by humbling ourselves, and by accepting His supreme guidance we can have revelation on the most effective way to live our life to achieve eternal happiness, our souls desire. So if we live in the right way, we will be happy and we will have everything our hearts desire. Happiness is therefore linked with (perfect) life itself, if we truly know and understand life, we will achieve happiness.

The problem is that we do not know what life is, we are tricked, deceived. Because we do not know and understand the right way to live our lives, we abide in foolishness by giving ourselves over to temporary pleasures, we desire the earthy things instead of things concerning eternity. We desire fleshly pleasure above spiritual revelation and wisdom. If we knew exactly what life was, we would have the motivation and endurance in all circumstances. Knowing what life is, gives you all the hope you need to have strength and joy, because you clearly will see all mistakes you make and  realize that the next time you will be able to overcome.

But we do not have perfect revelation about life, and therefore we have to trust the one who had it, because He is able to teach us by His own life. Christ Jesus is the main example of perfect life, in His raising from the dead we now can know for sure what the perfect life is. All we need to do is to trust in what He commanded us, and that is to believe on Him and to love one another!

Jesus is our life, we can rest now, because He became our sin. We can now fully live our lives in confidence and trust in God! Worrying makes you neglect your blessings, and it makes you unhappy, you know why? Because Jesus said that we don’t have to worry! All we need to do is seeking the kingdom of God, the presence of the most high.


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