Counting the cost

It has been a long time ago that I decided to hitchhike, and since then it’s hard for me to extinguish the lust to travel in foreign countries. God gave me answers on my prayers and revealed me a lot about the Way. It has been a year ago that I started to hitchhike and since then my understanding of scripture grew amazingly. The Bible now has more authority in my life and I get more and more insight on how to properly desire the Word of God in my life. I’m learning to be contend in all situations and to live my whole life in thankfulness to God. He gave His Son so that we may trust in Him and abide in His Love.

At the moment I need to know if I’m graduated, just one more day and I know if I can go traveling next season. I need to change some of my motivations though, that is my prayer for now. It’s not good to start my journey with the wrong intentions, I need to have the zeal to share the amazing gospel and to somehow help others. – and not to just waste my time visiting monuments and museums.  I’m very convinced that this trip will make my faith grow and I definitely will heal a lot of people on the way. For the Kingdom of God is for those who earnestly seek it! I do not worry about material aspects of the journey, God will provide in everything I need. He did it on each trip I went so far!

The things I leave behind make me trouble a little bit. I’m not sure if it’s Gods will to leave my family though my faith is an encouragement for them, still my mother will be worrying about me when I’m gone. That may be a good thing because she will bend more to God I suppose. Another thing is that I will need to find a way to store all my possessions, it won’t be that hard considering the fact that I have not much to leave behind anyway.

I’ve checked for more information on where and how to travel, and I came to these nice websites/organisations:

  • Help Exchange
    It’s a nice thing to help others, and that completely fits my plan! I like the fact that they offer a place to sleep and food to eat for the exchange of my help. It will bring me to more experience in working and connecting to different people.
  • WWOOF 
    This group gives people the opportunity to life on organic farms for a while. It’s more secure and administrative than Help Exchange but offers a nice play to stay. I’m not sure if I will apply to their offers, because it makes me dependent on their schemes and rules.

But for now I will wait for the study results I receive tomorrow and then I’ll be sure about this plan to hitchhike the world 🙂


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