Here I am, send me!

I’ve finally got my school results I need to be sure if I can go hitchhiking this year! My grades are okay, and I won’t need to worry for the next year about my education! Although I still need to be back in the Netherlands by May next year, to do exams to finish my English class. Then I will be able to swap my results for a “Higher General Secondary Education” license paper. I will be able to start my final study then!

So until May 2013 I have plenty of time to travel the world, meet new people, proclaim the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God! By Gods grace I will meditate on scripture, share encouraging testimonies with the world through my Blog and Youtube, and grow amazingly in my trust and knowledge of God. Our Lord will protect me, and I’m more than sure that He will provide me with everything I need! I am so thankful that He gave me a nice HD video camera to make videos of healing miracles, interviews of people I meet, and to record myself while explaining some facts and revelation on the Christian walk! I really hope that the fruit I produce will be an encouragement to all who follow my progress!


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