When faith is rewarded.

God is wonderful, I’m so blessed all the way I’ve traveled now! I now have a better understanding why God ‘rewards those who deligently seek Him’. Because without rewards on the way to full knowledge of God, our souls would be worn out and discouraged. Our heavenly Father is eager to let us know that we can trust Him, let’s open our lifes up for His ultimate presence, let’s persevere in the knowledge of our righteousness in Him, our door through which we boldly come into the presence of the all-knowing, loving, mighty Lord.

If we seek the Kingdom of God, the presence of the most glorious one, our little soulish life will be replaced with a life that overflows with blessings and thankfulness. We have something that the world can never give us, we have eternal life, our relationship with the Father through the cleansing of our sins.

Let’s persevere when we face hardness, for we live in a fallen world. We will have more patience, more strength to endure this sinful generation and shine like stars in heaven. We are to share the hope that is in us, a purpose where all souls long for. We know the way, our way is Jesus. We are freed from this world, free from the desires and lusts of the flesh, because we can sink into the arms of our Father. In Christ we rejoice, our lifes rest in Him.


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