Humble beginnings

It was the 24th of August when I left Holland, hitchhiking together with a sister from church. After my pastor gave me to stay in his home for a week or so, to look after the cat, I was ready to start my big journey.

The week at the pastors home was a little bit boring, because everyone was working and I did not have much to do. That week Johan, a brother from church came to have a barbeque together, along with some other people from church. It was a nice barbeque, my mom and her friend joined us also. It would been nice if my brother came also, but he was more interested in staying home.

Some days later my companion sister Margareth (she is a strong believer who had more experience in living by faith at that time) came and she slept over, our plan was to leave the next morning. That night a friend came, with whom I often went on the Amsterdam markets to evangelize and heal people from various diseases. His wife came also, she was pregnant and it was great news for me to hear that! God bless them! They both prayed and layed hands on me to bless my journey, and for protection, we had a talk after that and they left. I went to sleep, excited about the following day.

Morning came, we had breakfast and left the house. We walked to the on-ramp, and started hitchhiking. (I had a camera to film the trip, I filmed the first part of my journey, but then I got a bit lazy, it is hard for me to upload the material because I keep moving from place to place.) We were blessed and in just a few minutes a young woman picked us up, we evangelized to her and she was interested!

We eventually came to a truck stop, around lunchtime. There we sat down, prayed and had lunch (Peanut butter, crackers and Raisins!). Next to the place we had lunch on this sunny day, sat a man with the name Hans, waiting in his car. Margereth eventually decided to go and talk about Jesus with him. Hans was interested and after I joined and we layed hands, he was healed of his back pain and we prayed for his eyes also, “a little bit better” he said after we were done.. well, God bless him! It was encouraging to heal somebody and after a long talk we continued our journey to France.

That night we slept in Liege, in a motel, for 40 euros and breakfast included – Margereth insisted on sleeping there because a tent was too trampy for her. I payed and because I just started this whole faith trip, worries about money came into my mind. When I look back to the way I was worrying, I feel ashamed.

This first day was a very nice hitchhiking day, and I felt very comforted after we prayed and went to sleep, not knowing what kind of adventures would follow in the next couple months.


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