Searching for more light

Dozens of ways in Thought
exist to reach the spot,
in what Life has wrought
an staying as in God.

Understanding, make clear your hidden mystery
though without movement you do not exist.

Life flows in circles
and change is made through will.
An unknown realm tickles
either pleasant but can kill,
or joyous and strangely familiar.

Understanding once again, allow my soul
to taste the everlasting flow.

Oh how blocked your realm can be,
when my heart is in low expectation
and hard for it to see,
what a sweet reward brings revelation
for them who dare to be.

Made this poem, when I wanted to produce some fruit, and a desire popped up in my heart to write a poem. As poetry is the description of the unseen in beauty, I wrote about my longing for more light in my life at the present moment.


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