Faith principle: Preparation and Provisioning

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” – Jesus Christ

The church service had ended and I was helping some people with putting away the music components back into the storage room. After we were done I went to get some water, and when I came to the bar the water can was empty. So I took it and filled it again, went back to the bar to put it back and at the same time the pastor came to get some water also.  Then suddenly it dawned on me, that this was a very important principle of faith, what many just call coincidence. 

In my opinion coincidence is just a label somebody puts on an event of which he doesn’t know or understand why it occurs. My thoughts needed an explanation, and this came to mind: “The pure[1] desire[2] [of a pure heart] invokes holy wanting[3] in related hearts.” this is the reason I wrote this little article.

We all know that some of our days will seem as if they are just perfectly designed to annoy us to death. I mean those days wherein everything you want to do, is resulting in an huge mess around you or just fails completely. It seems as if you are a couple seconds later than the rest of the world, that you fall behind and miss the goal. – Sounds familiar right? I think this is very real, and we have to learn to know how to act in those evil days, so that we won’t lose our temper and even do more damage than was necessary.

In my opinion we can only have peace and rest if we are sure that we are balanced and back-up by positive coincidence. That when we take a step into this chaotic world, somehow everything will coincide[4] with our actions, and not work against it. It’s a shame to know that many people will not agree that for everything that happens, there certainly is a reason. Those who trust in science must understand this, because it’s the simple rule of causality[5]. Just because we do not know the cause of everything, we came up with ‘coincidence’ in order to compromise with our ignorance and continue trusting the force which is behind the happening. You know, it even goes farther than this. It’s as if one denies universal responsibility , and adjusts to a reality which lacks big dog pieces of significance. Think about this, and if you agree please continue with me.

In my opinion coincidence is just a label somebody puts on an event of which he doesn’t know or understand why it occurs.

We know that we are certainly not the center of the universe, and effect the environment around us through our choices. This makes us responsible, thereby it proves our right to impact reality in a way we want to. And we know that our choices are based on where we are convinced about, let’s call this inner conviction our heart, our control center. Imagine now that you are convinced that it is okay to use perverse language, because your friends thought it was cool. Then on one occasion, you meet a group of people who have a very important position in the world, who bear huge responsibility and have many influential friends. You start to talk with them, and somehow you start to realize that they are not very interested in you, even ignoring you and trying to avoid talking to you. Then one of them asks to speak to you in private, and explains that the way you talk is definitely not acceptable.

Now the next time you talk with one of those important people, you will doubt about your ability of using the proper language, and this will make you uncertain and not confident because for your whole life, you thought it was okay to talk as you did. This realization caused doubt in your heart, in your control center (“Can I still have trust in who I am?” “Is it okay to talk as I usually do?”). It comes with the feeling as if somebody pulled a rug from underneath you, your fundamental convictions have been shaken.

But, we are not talking about language problems in this article. Our hearts is where I want to set our focus on, let’s get to understand what they really are. I personally like to define our heart  as the bridge for our spirits to influence our mind. As the base for our habits, the soil where the roots of our convictions grow. This is what makes every person a unique creature, because it’s the place where our most deep desires are, which are not copied from other people. Instead of that, every one of those deep and secret desires are uniquely formed by your soul corresponding with the source of its existence. This may seem as a bit vague explanation, especially when I use the word ‘soul’ in my description. The soul is defined as a ‘person’s [not physical] moral or emotional nature or sense of identity.’[6] It’s as if the corresponding of your soul with the source of its existence (or God) leaves an imprint in the heart to somehow, create a foundation for the mind to function upon. This, ladies and gentlemen, is also known as the effect of prayer.

So what is meant by having ‘a pure heart’? According to where we I’m going in this piece, it’s having inside of you, an imprint of a proper communion with the Source. This imprint makes my mind function in a unique way, not in the way the outside world wants me to function. This will make me an unique character, a person who really is alive.woman-at-well

He prepares your path, His grace provides to steadfast faith.

Having a pure heart is giving the desires of the Source you are communing with, free access to your life and being. It is a heart that is open for God to move through and manifest in the flesh, in our body and physical nature. Who is the one who has a pure heart, O who will see God?

How this connects with Preparation[7] is not hard to understand now, because having this pure condition of heart will give God who is the Source of our life, a free permission to affect our lives on any moment He wants, and in every way He wants to. It’s giving Him the keys of our house.

To understand the Provisioning principle, we must first know that God is wise. If He does His work in us, it’s not hard to understand that He will also prepare His work in order to perform it perfectly. Our part is the preparation of our hearts and then God will manifest Himself in and through us, He will make our mind and brain cohesive with His work in the world. And this work is now finished, fully supplied, and made available for us in the life of Jesus Christ.

“For this reason I am telling you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will [get it].” – Jesus Christ

Yuliy Valenko; March 2014

[1] ‘freedom from adulteration or contamination.’
‘freedom from immorality, especially of a sexual nature.’

[2] ‘a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.’

[3] ‘lacking in a required or necessary quality.’

[4] ‘correspond in nature; tally.’

[5] ‘the relationship between cause and effect.’
‘the principle that everything has a cause.’

[6] Google dictionary, emphasis added by me.

[7] I’ve written this word upper case, because in this context it’s a divine work done in you.


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