The logic of sin and its spokesmen

How do you, a sinner, imperfect fellow, dare to say you have the right to be the thing where everything moves about? How can you claim this position of importance, a standing in the middle of the wheel, as if creation itself will find it’s worth through you?

How can this thing that perishes, the one dependent thing, rely on your unstable intentions? How dare you judge without being of eternal quality, and say that all can’t be without you?

Listen, if you want to live forever you’ll need to have eternal quality – having no fault. Thus being able to withstand the process of being judged about your worth of standing in the place of courtship, being part of the Perfect Standard.

Only one Man has the right to claim this position, the One who was proved of being of Eternal quality, the One who was perfectly stable and now is praised for His trustfulness. Listen to Him, for only His judgment is righteous. Make Him your standard and you’ll see that you will grow in importance by denying yours.


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