Here I Stand

Here I stand, look at me

Just a normal dude, with a normal life, having a past of considering myself special with a special calling to fulfil a special mission. What a boy, still to become a man, though trapped in a labyrinth of vanity and lacking charity I so desperately seek in having sense of purpose. Life is tense with no proper chance, so would you mind listening a bit for this thing I try to teach may hit, I learned.

I won’t rip you off, but encourage you to walk the walk and live your talk. Now back down and slack away from empty pleasures, measures of egoistic leisure’s that you are trapped in, still watching others glory over your ability to construct a unique personal story. Horror fills me when I think about what’s coming, feeling helpless to abide in peace while society is getting down on its knees to please, don’t freeze while trying to get up for life’s a mother of lies if you don’t believe and make yourself loose of all ties.

Nobody knows your mind so keep it strict to watch till you catch and conceive a vision for the helpless who have less than is in your wallet, a mess to call it. why are you so puffed up doing nothing but peculiar boring heart whoring. You want to shine your puffed up brain in vain? All you get is another chain, praises of men like rain on scarlet blazers of those who are nothing than foolish money chasers; drop it, leave it, don’t sit but run from the pit, you’ll have to be sober and enter this Red October, dive deeper when the hill’s you climb so wounded get steeper.

You’ll be betrayed like we all, we fall, are small, strayed from home roaming the globe of illustrative fantasies and hidden though frail mysteries, fool- watch the bees; work hard, don’t play the joker as a wild card. Forget what’s behind ‘coz you’re blind, helpless and weak, well that’s how you tend to speak. Am I right? Aren’t you running from the fight, so far from Gods sight? Conscience won’t play tricks nor will you find any comfort with all those chicks, pricks; men deceive and leave so focus and don’t rely on hocus pocus, for your wounds bleed- take heed.

Producing your dream on the mainstream while eternal duties scream, what’s your answer? Sink and think about to hinder the one who’s pulling you down downtown. Secrets of purpose lay behind all the wicked fuss, deep down the valley of humility, denial of me, myself and I; so why to waste time and be shy? be bold, strong and hold on to all that’s opposing wrong consolation, vain relation to empty opinions of people’s frustration.

Don’t you already know that this is all but a big soap show and you’re trying to sit closer, mister composer, try rather to disclose her who tempts and does adulterous work in careful attempts to deceive and leave the future child in its hopeless fatherless grief.

Can I offer a meek solution to escape all this worldly pollution? Believe, see and hear the goodness of all who fear the one that looks down your heart to make you free indeed, guaranteed that when you enter secret isolation eternal consolation will ripen your brave core and without sore He’ll even bless you with more to eventually load into the cloud, melodies to sing out loud, while you’re being purified of all wrongs you shamefully concealed in words breathed through iron lungs.

Originality will find you through hardship, character formed by achieving victory, relieving; while standing your place with all those who’re believing- this mysterious and glorious chase of truth is in prevailing through righteous wailing, stirs you alive to move on and hold fast till He comes at last.


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