Comfort defined

I want to sit here all night and to write the things coming up in me about myself and the life I’m involved in. I’ve been going back and forth, still having to move on with my responsible attainment of all the conversations planned to happen.

While the future is sealed up in mysteries, riddles and puzzles, the cleaning of my heart will make me see the right alignment of events. Knowing God and His plans shall make me free from vain regrets of passions not attained, ambitions not fed and all what I once dearly chose to become will not condemn anymore.

Because of this, knowing the impurity of my inner dwellings, the blurry perception on divinity, dreaming starts to be hard and having a vision, faithless. Maybe I need help for this? It could be that one’s lack of sight can help the other lead. Knowing weakness in another makes a strength to be seen by the perceiver who lacks self-knowledge to confess its own faults before the humble one in front of him.

True encouragement is denying your power, to accelerate the same in others. For what is known as lacking will be made to a purpose in providing. Vacuum has to be filled with air, water flows with gravity pulling it. So in the same way our souls will function when emptiness makes room for unattained passion, comforted by a direction known to the meek wielder of a hope deeper than experience.


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