Heart of darkness

They speak a language on the heights
Like the sound of silence, or a blinding brightness
But not a hymn nor sound nor cry
Not but a kiss names the God of heaven
So I seek that inner flame to know that kindness
And to see that goodness
And like keys my deepest pains
Unlock the heavens, though I am ragged from them

Lyrics from ‘Heart of Darkness by Benjamin James’


Fatal Vitality

Who is the strongest man on earth? This man has beaten death and this man has the power to overcome all obstacles that are on his path. He walks in a power that is not of this earth. For his hope is not on things of this world. This is the man who is totally secure about his existence in the after-life.

Behold – the power of those who are righteous by faith. Those trusting the good news of Jesus Christ.