Those of us who search for the truth, for the right doctrine, will find a lot of different opinions and interpretations on the Bible. What is the real truth? Are we supposed to keep the traditions of the early Church? What about fasting and keeping the right diet? Is it necessary to be baptized, keeping the Sabbath, or is a prayer of faith enough to be saved? Some say that we are saved already, and just have to live it out! The answer for all of this is found in the Bible when one will search for it with a sincere heart.

Foundational Studies
Lesson 1 – Being Born Again
Lesson 2 – Lordship Of Jesus Christ
Lesson 3 – Water Baptism
Lesson 4 – Baptism In The Spirit
Lesson 5 – Communion
Lesson 6 – Sowing And Reaping
Lesson 7 – Prayer
Lesson 8 – Faith
Lesson 9 – Confessing God’s Word
Lesson 10 – Healing
Lesson 11 – The Resurrection
Lesson 12 – The Rapture
Lesson 13 – The Christian Calling
Lesson 14 – Christians To Love One Another
Lesson 15 – Christians And Wealth

For the more in-depth studies you can visit the following locations on the internet, these studies will help you to build a strong foundation on the Word of God without being blown from one perspective to another, and to be grounded in conviction of eternal salvation.

If you’re looking for the more mystical part of Christianity, I advice you to visit the following site:

  • Christian Mystics
    This site offers a great amount of free books which you can download and read! Those are a great source of philosophical information and very effective to get your mind and soul fixed on Gods word

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