Be the constant stream of solution

“Favor is transferred through proximity.” – Lance Wallnau
Compare with: “If they receive you, they receive me” – Jesus Christ

A single point of contact, like the shaking of hands can already open an atmosphere where divine solution can be inspired. Working on your conscious acknowledgement of provision in every situation, will in the first place give you peace and also make you pass on any favor that follows you.

Worrying will trouble your spirit and will subject you to any proclamation made in unfamiliar gatherings. The less you worry, the more you reign and add to the divine provision of excellent work-out of any problem, all through sudden inspiration.

So wherever you go with Christ, things are fixed and ideas flow, just by your presence. Calibrate your heart on the Spirit of God and give (emotional, intellectual and spiritual) reason to this focus so that your feelings, thoughts and wills are submissive to this stream of love.

Alison Quairoli of Flemington, Brady Niederer of Lamberville, George Agalias of Hopewell, Barry Abramowitz of Lawrenceville, Jan Baldwin of Pennington, Vanessa Oates of Hopewell and N. Charles Leeder of Ewing.


Doubt and Skepticism

Faith is not something one develops. We are born with it. The child at its mother’s breast doesn’t try to have faith in her, but rests in her arms. That innocence is the perfect example. It is implicit trust. That is how we begin life. The disposition doesn’t change for a long time. Children are even too trusting. We warn them about strangers for example. We become more discriminating of course. We learn what and who we can rely upon.

Unfortunately some don’t know where to stop, especially after a bad experience or two. It is said that a running ostrich will stop dead at a line in the sand, but doubts don’t know where to draw the line. Uncertainty breeds suspicion, suspicion breeds skepticism and skepticism gives birth to cynicism. We become spiritually brain-damaged, or at least cross-eyed with double vision.

Unbelief is not natural. “God has dealt to all men the measure of faith”, the Bible says (Romans 12,3). God gives us faith but if we don’t exercise it, it dies. There is such a thing as chronic and acute mistrust. It is a breakdown. Victims become fearful about anything at all, lose all confidence in themselves, unsure of performing simple tasks, whether they are clean or if they have forgotten something. To such tormented souls Jesus said “Have faith, not phobia” (Mark 5,36). Have a blessed day.

– Reinhard Bonnke