Uncommon Succes: 7 Facts About People

  1. People are the crown of creation.
  2. Their assignment requires the uniqueness of their personality.
  3. Their experiences have decided their persuasions, passions and perceptions.
  4. Nobody is as they first appear.
  5. Their perception of you, determines their reception of you.
  6. What you permit will increase.
  7. They will not feel your pain, understand your passion, nor discern your importance in their life.

By Mike Murdock.



Some spiritual principles

There are times when I’m being conscious of certain spiritual truths. Last time I sat down in order to write an article, I could not and was more guided into writing down simple principles that in my opinion can help you to tune into trust of God. I’ve not brought any scripture with them so if you think that a couple of them are not complete or even completely wrong, please let me know! I would love to talk about it, so that both of us can grow into a broader understanding.

  • When you stop working, and start resting, you will see how the Father is moving in your life.
  • Keep yourself in His love and He will reward you with prosperity and honour in a wisdom that is not known to the world.
  • He knows exactly where you go through, every situation in your life that requires higher commitment to Him is found in experiencing unfamiliar realms of foolish apprehension.
  • As disciples and people who are filled with Gods glory, we are used to our state of being and quickly forget the influence we have. This is also to prevent us from elevating ourselves above His name.
  • People who come into your life are set on a certain emotional state when they commune with you, it is important for you to keep yourself in the love of the Father.
  • To pray is to change. It is a proof of character, it builds you up. Your life is never the same after a minute of prayer. It is getting out of the circle of life; it is reflection and commitment, a drawing closer to the One who is All in all. It will bring Gods glory into your life, because He will come and eat with you. Both of you are enjoying communion together and enjoying life as it is meant to be.
  • Act seemingly reckless, and when there is danger your senses shall react and you will change your direction if your action is for God’s glory and into His direction.
  • Your heart can only grow rightly in an atmosphere of peace, for fulfilled desire is a tree of life. Peace brings satisfaction and that brings thankfulness.
  • When a seed is planted and given water by men it is nourished by God who gives growth.
  • Superficial commitment cannot help you to get rid of your fears.
  • Intuition makes use of your vision.

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More principles:

  • All of you heart’s desires are fulfilled in Jesus.
  • It is impossible for two people who are earnestly seeking God to miss their mark when God draws both of them together.
  • Every part you give God in His hands will fall under His control; your perseverance is a proof of the faithful commitment that you trust His work in you. This work is known as revealing the weakness in you and the apprehension of His greatness in Christ.
  • Attention is made pure and consecrated when there is suffering and a change of focus.
  • Without faith it is impossible to please God, those who move in situations of risk, have to believe that God is there to help and sustain them, instead of trusting their own ability and wisdom.
  • Letting go, the principle of forgiveness, is a sign of your trust in Him.
  • A steady and pure conscience allows you to make mistakes and approves your improvements, yet bugs you when something is not right.


Be Lifted

Longing for the higher state,
not recognizing that while in err,
My mind keeps me in hate.

Wisdom either longs for me, shouting with a tender voice. Still crying, of what I must lose to be.

A clue for understanding everlasting joy is that higher logic always seems foolish for the one who is depending on a lower logic.

Being in a state of realizating that your present state of being is not helping you to be overflowing with happiness and joy makes you also become aware of the fact that you need to obtain a better understanding of reality as it is, or you may satisfy your longing by enjoying some temporary satisfaction.

The secret in having peace, is in putting all your desire in something that is going to be there for ever. The more you are loving this, the more you will find satisfaction and joy in it without having to satisfy anything in the material – always being contend.

This what we love is Jesus, a person. Truth can only be a person, because real peace only comes by friendship – we as human beings can only be satisfied with that what is like us. This is why Buddha acknowledged of not having found peace as it should be. He did not know truth as being a person who loved him.

Going to a higher state of being, is in reality getting to know Jesus Christ who is now in heaven with God and in God – so when we go towards understanding God, our Creator, we see Jesus Christ and we can draw love from His Eternal Source, knowing that we are loved by what He did on the cross – dying for us. This knowledge sets us free and is thus proclaimed as the GOSPEL, the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ.

We may be lifted up by Him, by understanding His love for us.


The Testimony

There are a lot of teachings on how effective and powerful a testimony can be. As we know, it’s impossible for us to change someone’s heart, this is what God only can do. But we have the noble ability to share our own experiences through testimonies, which can change someone’s desire to follow and search for God. I think it’s very important to be able to share your experiences in a good, and honest way!

By sharing Testimonies we can change lives, it gives people hope, and that makes them happy and productive. And lets try to be honest while we witness!

“A truthful witness saves lives, but one who breathes out lies is deceitful.”
Proverbs 14:25