Be the constant stream of solution

“Favor is transferred through proximity.” – Lance Wallnau
Compare with: “If they receive you, they receive me” – Jesus Christ

A single point of contact, like the shaking of hands can already open an atmosphere where divine solution can be inspired. Working on your conscious acknowledgement of provision in every situation, will in the first place give you peace and also make you pass on any favor that follows you.

Worrying will trouble your spirit and will subject you to any proclamation made in unfamiliar gatherings. The less you worry, the more you reign and add to the divine provision of excellent work-out of any problem, all through sudden inspiration.

So wherever you go with Christ, things are fixed and ideas flow, just by your presence. Calibrate your heart on the Spirit of God and give (emotional, intellectual and spiritual) reason to this focus so that your feelings, thoughts and wills are submissive to this stream of love.

Alison Quairoli of Flemington, Brady Niederer of Lamberville, George Agalias of Hopewell, Barry Abramowitz of Lawrenceville, Jan Baldwin of Pennington, Vanessa Oates of Hopewell and N. Charles Leeder of Ewing.


“Stand, you’ll prosper soon.”

True prosperity comes from the Lord.
A Song of Ascents, of Solomon:

“Unless the Lord builds the house,
They labor in vain who build it;
Unless the Lord guards the city,
The watchman keeps awake in vain.”

“It is vain for you to rise up early,
To retire late,
To eat the bread of painful labors;
For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep.”
(Psalm 127)

The Bible also tells us:
“Do not weary yourself to gain wealth, Cease from your consideration of it. When you set your eyes on it, it is gone. For wealth certainly makes itself wings like an eagle that flies toward the heavens.”

and read this, a piece about the life of Uzziah:

“..He did right in the sight of the Lord according to all that his father Amaziah had done. He continued to seek God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding through the vision of God; and as long as he sought the Lord, God prospered him.”

I do not envy your ‘succes’, God will give me my own.
You think this book I trust is vain? Give yourself a break.


Faith principle: Our weakness, His strength.

How great it is for a man to be full of strength and to walk with much power. It’s an honor to have the right attitude, an honor to use your strength for the good of others. Everyone wants to succeed and many fight to do so. But not all are able to have such strength, not many of us are able to perform according to our dreams and wishes. What is this weakness, and how is it possible to still be able to succeed without having the perfect strength of your own? Is there a way to deal with the waves of weakness that every new day is able to reveal in us?

It’s such a nice theme that I really enjoy writing about it. Much of what I’m going to tell you in this article will be formed while I’m still typing. Like many other writers it’s also not easy for me to write down everything in a perfect way, I’ve to deal with this weakness of not being able to put everything on paper what I know as truth in my spirit.

It is very honourable to know how to deal rightly in times of weakness, either physical or spiritual. In order to do so we really have to understand what weakness really is, we have to know when we are weak and be sensible to times when we cannot deal with certain parts of our lives. It’s indeed a prideful attitude many of us have when we do not sense that in reality, we cannot accomplish something but still try to do so in our own strength and ability.

How I define weakness, and I think many will agree with this definition, is that it is a condition where you cannot perform to a certain requested standard. This can be known in our physical life, but even more in our spirit. The soul plays a more controlling role in this story. The Bible talks about having a strong spirit, but never about a strong soul. Our soul is the part of us that will either agree to the condition of our spirit, or disagree, and do its own stubborn will. Our souls are linked closely to our hearts and it controls how our body functions.

Now imagine that you are walking through the streets, and you enter a mall with much other people walking around and some of them sit there and watch people walk by. The moment you pass through a place where you are being seen, something will happen in your confidence. It’s as if you suddenly have the feeling that you have to measure up to a certain standard, isn’t it? There is something very weird going on in all of us when we are being watched by other people, and somehow, we all sense this. Some of us more than others do.

In this moment of having the feeling of measuring up to another standard, we may loose confidence and not be sure anymore of how to behave rightly. At this point you start to be weak and maybe stumble a bit while you walk by. The same may happen when you talk to somebody you have no complete peace with.

In my opinion this is something spiritual and with it comes the question of how to deal with this spiritually. We know there are physical laws nature functions on, so in order to solve our problem, we’ll have to understand the spiritual law behind it. I prefer to call the upcoming solution part of a faith principle.

We just talked about measuring up to a certain standard, but why so? The way to understand what the role of this standard is we’ll have to know how people function. I have the idea that all of us have a personal opinion of good and evil. It depends though, on where we base this opinion upon. For Christians it is the Bible, for Muslims it is their holy book, and for Buddhists it’s the opinion of a certain high ranked guru who has much experiential knowledge of the transcendental realm. The thing we base our opinion on is the standard we judge others by. Some people even tend to set their own lives as a standard by which to judge, think about it, how foolish!

There are a few connections being made in my mind at this point, and they have to do with judging, and being a free person. I will explain the judging part first, because it fits very well in our example of walking through the mall and being looked at by others.

You’ll stumble when you comply to the subconscious judgment of other people if you have no steady knowledge of that what you are is good and not wrong. In this story you have to be sure that your standard is the right one, and that you are rightly measuring up to this standard. If you are on one line with me now, you now can understand that this may influence the confidence of the one who started to look at you, because he now senses (either conscious of this or not) that you are in a position that is spiritually more stable than his – at least, after reading this article!

In order to have this right stability we have to know our standard, and I will speak now from a Christian point of view. We have to know the Bible, what Gods Word is, what He wants from us. We also have to understand that this Word of God is fully reliable and this trust comes from an experiential knowledge of relying on this Word. We call this saving faith! We grow in this faith by being more like Jesus, in this we will get to know Him more.

Besides knowing God we rely upon, we have to know that we are measuring up to His standard, that means that we have to understand what He says about us and what His thoughts are about us. Because of the sacrifice on the cross, we now may know that we are made right. This knowledge though, has more dimensions to it than just knowing about it. – We have to get to know Him personally, and being conscious of us being right with Him is what we call having the mind of Christ.

Do you now understand what it means for us as Christians? We may stand and walk completely stable and with great confidence, knowing that we are backed up by the power that is behind the standard we rest upon. Because walking in the personality of Jesus Christ now is backed up by an immense spiritual force. This though, is part of another article.

When we are sensing weakness coming up in us, we now know that all we have to do, is to become conscious again of our true position as Christians. We have to sink into Jesus, taking on His personality and not counting on our own ability to perform good (measuring up to our standard), but knowing that when we just fully rely on Him, we will be backed up by His power also. Sinking into Him is made very easy when you do not consider your own life, but count yourself as being dead to the many diverse cares of this world, and focus entirely on His care, on His mission, the proclaiming of the Kingdom of God.

This is how we get to know the grace of Jesus Christ, helping us in our weakness, our inability to perform. This is what it means to be strong in His might. This brings us clearance on what Paul told us in the book of Ephesians:

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

Ofcourse, this is just a small explanation of a higher truth. It is but a small principle of faith that is looked at, there are so much more aspects of our salvation that can be considered and brought to a deeper level of understanding! The most important thing for us to focus on is to be able to listen to what the Holy Spirit is teaching us, and He will indeed teach us all things!

Faith principle: Preparation and Provisioning

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” – Jesus Christ

The church service had ended and I was helping some people with putting away the music components back into the storage room. After we were done I went to get some water, and when I came to the bar the water can was empty. So I took it and filled it again, went back to the bar to put it back and at the same time the pastor came to get some water also.  Then suddenly it dawned on me, that this was a very important principle of faith, what many just call coincidence. 

In my opinion coincidence is just a label somebody puts on an event of which he doesn’t know or understand why it occurs. My thoughts needed an explanation, and this came to mind: “The pure[1] desire[2] [of a pure heart] invokes holy wanting[3] in related hearts.” this is the reason I wrote this little article.

We all know that some of our days will seem as if they are just perfectly designed to annoy us to death. I mean those days wherein everything you want to do, is resulting in an huge mess around you or just fails completely. It seems as if you are a couple seconds later than the rest of the world, that you fall behind and miss the goal. – Sounds familiar right? I think this is very real, and we have to learn to know how to act in those evil days, so that we won’t lose our temper and even do more damage than was necessary.

In my opinion we can only have peace and rest if we are sure that we are balanced and back-up by positive coincidence. That when we take a step into this chaotic world, somehow everything will coincide[4] with our actions, and not work against it. It’s a shame to know that many people will not agree that for everything that happens, there certainly is a reason. Those who trust in science must understand this, because it’s the simple rule of causality[5]. Just because we do not know the cause of everything, we came up with ‘coincidence’ in order to compromise with our ignorance and continue trusting the force which is behind the happening. You know, it even goes farther than this. It’s as if one denies universal responsibility , and adjusts to a reality which lacks big dog pieces of significance. Think about this, and if you agree please continue with me.

In my opinion coincidence is just a label somebody puts on an event of which he doesn’t know or understand why it occurs.

We know that we are certainly not the center of the universe, and effect the environment around us through our choices. This makes us responsible, thereby it proves our right to impact reality in a way we want to. And we know that our choices are based on where we are convinced about, let’s call this inner conviction our heart, our control center. Imagine now that you are convinced that it is okay to use perverse language, because your friends thought it was cool. Then on one occasion, you meet a group of people who have a very important position in the world, who bear huge responsibility and have many influential friends. You start to talk with them, and somehow you start to realize that they are not very interested in you, even ignoring you and trying to avoid talking to you. Then one of them asks to speak to you in private, and explains that the way you talk is definitely not acceptable.

Now the next time you talk with one of those important people, you will doubt about your ability of using the proper language, and this will make you uncertain and not confident because for your whole life, you thought it was okay to talk as you did. This realization caused doubt in your heart, in your control center (“Can I still have trust in who I am?” “Is it okay to talk as I usually do?”). It comes with the feeling as if somebody pulled a rug from underneath you, your fundamental convictions have been shaken.

But, we are not talking about language problems in this article. Our hearts is where I want to set our focus on, let’s get to understand what they really are. I personally like to define our heart  as the bridge for our spirits to influence our mind. As the base for our habits, the soil where the roots of our convictions grow. This is what makes every person a unique creature, because it’s the place where our most deep desires are, which are not copied from other people. Instead of that, every one of those deep and secret desires are uniquely formed by your soul corresponding with the source of its existence. This may seem as a bit vague explanation, especially when I use the word ‘soul’ in my description. The soul is defined as a ‘person’s [not physical] moral or emotional nature or sense of identity.’[6] It’s as if the corresponding of your soul with the source of its existence (or God) leaves an imprint in the heart to somehow, create a foundation for the mind to function upon. This, ladies and gentlemen, is also known as the effect of prayer.

So what is meant by having ‘a pure heart’? According to where we I’m going in this piece, it’s having inside of you, an imprint of a proper communion with the Source. This imprint makes my mind function in a unique way, not in the way the outside world wants me to function. This will make me an unique character, a person who really is alive.woman-at-well

He prepares your path, His grace provides to steadfast faith.

Having a pure heart is giving the desires of the Source you are communing with, free access to your life and being. It is a heart that is open for God to move through and manifest in the flesh, in our body and physical nature. Who is the one who has a pure heart, O who will see God?

How this connects with Preparation[7] is not hard to understand now, because having this pure condition of heart will give God who is the Source of our life, a free permission to affect our lives on any moment He wants, and in every way He wants to. It’s giving Him the keys of our house.

To understand the Provisioning principle, we must first know that God is wise. If He does His work in us, it’s not hard to understand that He will also prepare His work in order to perform it perfectly. Our part is the preparation of our hearts and then God will manifest Himself in and through us, He will make our mind and brain cohesive with His work in the world. And this work is now finished, fully supplied, and made available for us in the life of Jesus Christ.

“For this reason I am telling you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will [get it].” – Jesus Christ

Yuliy Valenko; March 2014

[1] ‘freedom from adulteration or contamination.’
‘freedom from immorality, especially of a sexual nature.’

[2] ‘a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.’

[3] ‘lacking in a required or necessary quality.’

[4] ‘correspond in nature; tally.’

[5] ‘the relationship between cause and effect.’
‘the principle that everything has a cause.’

[6] Google dictionary, emphasis added by me.

[7] I’ve written this word upper case, because in this context it’s a divine work done in you.

Pulling down: Stronghold of Depression

In this age, many are stricken by diverse kind of spiritual oppressions. Our Christian world is under heavy siege, almost every child of God who is on the divine mission for the Lord has to do with a fierce spiritual battle. One of those things that is really destroying many Godly men, is depression. In my experience, all those that I’ve met have to do with this spirit in a way, some of them big time. 

I’ve also been under this for a while now, and since some time, I’m free and God gives me clear view on this nasty state of being. Truly, it is not Gods will for us, Christians, to be under oppression by this spirit. In this article I will do my best to explain how depression enters into our lives, what it does to us, and most of all: How to get rid of it.

Depression comes in waves. Ifig-treet needs time to develop, and it’s being grown through reasoning. There is no hope in depression, and it’s caused by and leads to short-sightedness [CP 2 Peter 1:8-9]. We are responsible for our depression, we are the ones who give ground to this force on which it is allowed to sow havoc in our minds, this means that we can also get rid of it by confronting whatever it sows in our minds. It is very important to know that depression is like a seed, that is often sown on a soil of loneliness.

  • Depression: severe, typically prolonged, feelings of despondency and dejection.
  • Dejection: a sad and depressed state; low spirits.
    Source: Google dictionary

Let’s pick on the loneliness part: Many Christians are afraid of entering the realm of loneliness, but I have good news: it is more than a blessing to be in this state. First of all I want you to think of this, that without fear it’s impossible to have courage. In this same sense, it’s not possible to have a deep and intimate relationship with God without sowing seeds of life (thoughts and words of peace, joy and righteousness) on this fruitful soil of loneliness. Why this state is fruitful? Because it is exactly the time when you are deeply vulnerable, not being secure on a personal level, it’s when you start to recognize that you are not complete on your own. The devil knows this, and he will try to snatch you away by sowing lies into this state, these can be words that people speak, or memory’s which are triggered out from your past remembrance. How both seeds grow, is by the reasoning process that goes on in your mind continually. In most cases, we are not even fully conscious of this reasoning. – I hope you’re still following me!

While in this state of deep vulnerability, on a quite intimate level in our hearts, we are highly blessed because of the knowledge of Jesus Christ being with us, the Hope of Glory! This is exactly the time when through prayer we experience a most intimate communication with the Father. This is exactly the time to reflect ourselves in the precious Word of God. I hope that this excerpt from a psalm can give you more light on this:

Why are you cast down, O my soul,
and why are you in turmoil within me?
Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,
my salvation and my God.

As you read, the psalmist is remembering God while his soul is down. In whatever condition you are, in what darkness you abide, even the most hopeless moments in your life, you may know that this state really is just temporal, and that God is there next to you to provide you with the Hope of eternal Glory, to provide you with His peace and presence (did somebody say ‘Immanuel?’).

The reason you feel so bad after having a sense of loneliness, is because your apprehension on reality is a bit darkened, this can be because of many reasons: Your body may have been hurt; you maybe ate too much or just the wrong thing; maybe you have had a wonderful time with people who do not believe God, without discussing about God with them; or you had some time with believers, but did not acknowledge the Lord in the fellowship. Just to name a few – So in all these things, just head back to remembering God, and rejoicing in Him by bringing up every good thing He gave you in Christ.

So now we’ve seen what loneliness is, let’s head back to depression. From this place of understanding, we may conclude that depression is a tree, grown from a single seed, on the soil of loneliness. In this illustration, the tree is the result of a time of negative concluded reasoning. Let me explain.

Reasoning happens when your heart has the possibility and opportunity to settle with a certain way of thinking. This comes after you make a compromise with a thought you have about a matter, in this case, yourself. Every thought you’ve got, is part of a larger system of thinking, and that system of thinking also has important sources of which it gets power to reside in you. [CP Proverbs 23:7] These sources we call: alternate realities (or identities), but let’s stick with just naming them lies. Yes, it’s very simple, you believe a lie – and you conclude all what you think on that lie. The whole thing about a lie is this: someone’s behind it! Now just draw the connection.

The way out of this is the following: we have to chop down that tree. In order to do that we will need to take up an axe, and have the strength to chop into it. There is a problem with this though! The problem is that the tree will simply grow back again or it can be that the tree is way too thick to chop down. So how do we deal with this to really get rid of the tree for once and for all?

The answer is to curse the tree!

And Jesus spoke and said unto it [the fruitless fig tree], “Let no man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever.” And His disciples heard it. (…) And in the morning as they passed by, they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots. And Peter, calling to remembrance, said unto Him, “Master, behold, the fig tree which Thou cursed is withered away.

You see what happens when you curse the tree? It becomes “dried up from the roots”! I think you get the point now, but it is worth to mention that the tree did not look like it was dead after Jesus cursed it. So even after confronting your depression with words that are grounded in the Word of God, words of hope, you still may have depressive thoughts! When you let those thoughts settle, you start to give the tree the right to grow again, especially when you speak the thoughts – as if you believe them.

We who are in Christ, can rely on the name of Jesus, the Word of God which is the truth. When we speak words against the depression trees in our minds, our words are based on the identity of Jesus Christ in us. This is what gives power to our words which we speak against these poisonous trees.

And when you get rid of the tree of depression, use your moments of loneliness to water the good and holy tree of life in you. Do this by nourishing it with words of life, and watering it with the Word of truth (Scripture). The tree of life in you, is a picture of the mind of Christ, an intimate knowledge of the One who is always with and in you. content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Hebrews 13:5b

A step towards the north

ImageOn 5 March in the year 2013 I left Kempten, a small city in the southern parts of Germany (Also called: the Bavarian area). After serving there as a youth group leader, organizing some activities like treasure hunting, whereby the group listens to what the Spirit of God says to our hearts, it was time for me to continue my journey.
After saying goodbye to all the new good friends in Kempten I started to hitchhike towards Essen, to visit another friend whom I met a couple months ago in the south of France, doing mission work (mostly supernatural healing through the laying on of hands.)

The first driver who picked me up was a man who was very interested in listening to me while I was telling him about Jesus Christ. This man was just about to study theology because he wanted to obtain a deeper understanding of the life he lives. His name is Robert and eventually he dropped me off in Frankfurt, I prayed and blessed him, and he gave me 100 euros to support my journey! Praise God! It was perfectly in time, because I was running out of money.

In just a couple hours I could arrive at my friends place. He lives in Gelsenkirchen (a city next to Essen). We talked about our various adventures, and shared stories and encouraged each other in faith by telling how awesome God works in our lives! I stayed with him for two nights, and in order to ride out of that urban city area, I asked a driver on a rideshare website if he could take me to Hannover!

It all went very fluently as I continued to hitchhike to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Through the HelpX website, I could arrange a place there to do volunteer work. This I did in order to be able to live there for a while. HelpX offers different places all around the world where travelers like me can do volunteer work in exchange for food and accommodation. Why Stockholm? Well, when I was in Kempten I contacted a pastor from a certain international church (ICC) and he had opportunity for me to serve in Paris or in Stockholm. I don’t like Paris, so I went to Stockholm 😉

The hitchhiking was a bit harder than I thought when I came to Denmark, and in the middle of this country I stranded on a quite abandoned gas station. – But God turned it for good! There I met Filip, who also is a christian and I loved to talk with him about all kinds of things; preachers, missions, science, and much more. It was encouraging, but the problem was that he was heading the wrong way, not on my path at all, that made me worried because it was late already. When we came to the city he lived in (Aarhus), he brought me to the train station and bought a train ticket to Copenhagen! That train ticket had a worth of about 50 euro! So we blessed each other and I went to Copenhagen, there I walked a while through the city and eventually decided to take the train to Malmo, a city on the Swedish coast.

On the train I met someone who was studying Hydrology, and he knew people who had the authority over the Swedish tap-water filtering facilities, so I shared about the new thing I just found about the Black Mica filtering method. I found this appointment as I call it very inspiring, for he had traveled a lot in his life also!

When I came in Malmo, the friend in the train provided me with some information about the salvation army, in order to sleep there. So I went to the salvation army, but it appeared to be closed already, for it was very late. But suddenly I heard a voice behind me asking me if I was looking for a place to sleep, and when I turned around I saw a man with a bike, his appearance winked the idea that he had slept in the salvation army for years. He asked me if he could show me the way, I said yes and that was the first time I hitchhiked a bike. It was a very weird experience, him, me, and my backpack on one old and shaky bicycle! So he managed to drop me off at some place where I could get a completely free room to sleep in, and in the morning I had a wonderful breakfast along with a couple other immigrants and troubled souls. And after I had eaten the breakfast I was heading towards the entrance, and I saw a man sitting and he was hurting badly in his arm. I asked If I could pray for his arm, he allowed me and so I prayed and commanded the arm to restore and fill up with Gods life. After the prayer I talked a bit about the gospel and he eventually said to me: ‘You know, I’m very surprised, all pain is gone!’ A woman who was working there saw it and I saw that she saw it and I knew that this was the moment to ask for some food (I had none), so she gave me a couple sandwiches! That morning I was tested on my patience, because it was quite difficult to hitchhike out of this city. While I was waiting and a bit frustrated, two girls joined me in waiting for a car, and of course, a car stopped and we could hitchhike together to Stockholm. We talked about a couple things, but we didn’t get along with each other very well (probably because of my frustrated condition). It was cold outside and it was super hard to find someone who was heading towards Stockholm.

That night I came in Linkoping, and again I had nowhere to sleep! This time I kept walking through the city and it seemed like I was going to sleep outside (it was very cold). I started to pray and ask God why didn’t he give me someone this time! I came to the bus station and some of the last buses were about to leave. I stood there and got into a conversation with someone who had trouble speaking English (He was from Syria), when another man joined I started to tell them both about Jesus and what I was doing there in their city. Then one of them asked me if I had a place to sleep that night, I said I had not and he invited me over to his home. It turned out that I slept in the home of the other man that night, God works in strange ways!

That morning I got a straight ride to Stockholm and there I met with Gerard, who is a scientist-architect, he has a project called ‘equilibrium’, which is a method to build super cheap eco-villages made out of houses of ETFE plates. Nice idea, and I will store that one in my archive 😉 So until this moment that I write this post, I worked at Gerards place, 8 hours a day, mostly doing spakling and sanding.

I found a very nice church in Stockholm, the New Life charismatic Baptist church, which is very active in missions and it has an effective deliverance ministry!

Praise the Lord for his Grace and Mercy!

Southern parts of Ukraine and Moldavia

I’m on the road for a while now, and in this video I’m sharing some places where I could stay while I was hitchhiking the South of Ukraine. Praise God for the nice people He put on my path!

I’m on the road for a while now, and in this video I’m sharing some places where I could stay while I was hitchhiking the South of Ukraine. Praise God for the nice people He put on my path!

When faith is rewarded.

God is wonderful, I’m so blessed all the way I’ve traveled now! I now have a better understanding why God ‘rewards those who deligently seek Him’. Because without rewards on the way to full knowledge of God, our souls would be worn out and discouraged. Our heavenly Father is eager to let us know that we can trust Him, let’s open our lifes up for His ultimate presence, let’s persevere in the knowledge of our righteousness in Him, our door through which we boldly come into the presence of the all-knowing, loving, mighty Lord.

If we seek the Kingdom of God, the presence of the most glorious one, our little soulish life will be replaced with a life that overflows with blessings and thankfulness. We have something that the world can never give us, we have eternal life, our relationship with the Father through the cleansing of our sins.

Let’s persevere when we face hardness, for we live in a fallen world. We will have more patience, more strength to endure this sinful generation and shine like stars in heaven. We are to share the hope that is in us, a purpose where all souls long for. We know the way, our way is Jesus. We are freed from this world, free from the desires and lusts of the flesh, because we can sink into the arms of our Father. In Christ we rejoice, our lifes rest in Him.

Doubt and Skepticism

Faith is not something one develops. We are born with it. The child at its mother’s breast doesn’t try to have faith in her, but rests in her arms. That innocence is the perfect example. It is implicit trust. That is how we begin life. The disposition doesn’t change for a long time. Children are even too trusting. We warn them about strangers for example. We become more discriminating of course. We learn what and who we can rely upon.

Unfortunately some don’t know where to stop, especially after a bad experience or two. It is said that a running ostrich will stop dead at a line in the sand, but doubts don’t know where to draw the line. Uncertainty breeds suspicion, suspicion breeds skepticism and skepticism gives birth to cynicism. We become spiritually brain-damaged, or at least cross-eyed with double vision.

Unbelief is not natural. “God has dealt to all men the measure of faith”, the Bible says (Romans 12,3). God gives us faith but if we don’t exercise it, it dies. There is such a thing as chronic and acute mistrust. It is a breakdown. Victims become fearful about anything at all, lose all confidence in themselves, unsure of performing simple tasks, whether they are clean or if they have forgotten something. To such tormented souls Jesus said “Have faith, not phobia” (Mark 5,36). Have a blessed day.

– Reinhard Bonnke